I Remember

Do you remember the first day you started kindergarten or the first time you lost a tooth? What about the first time you visited the dentist or had an adventurous time with a babysitter? “I Remember” is a book about a little girl who thinks back to her childhood from stories that were told to her by her mother, grandmother, and pictures that she’s kept over the years. One thing she does remember is putting gum in her brother’s hair while he was sleeping. Will he wake up and catch her in the act, or will she never get caught? Well, see for yourself!

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my dad grandad and me.jpg
My Dad My Granddad and Me

Do you remember the time you went on a family camping trip and things didn’t turn out the way you expected? What about the time you learned how to ride a bike, or how to dance? “My dad, My Granddad and Me,” is a story about a child who cherishes memories and lifelong lessons that he has learned and shared with his dad and granddad. 

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Dana the Diva

Dana the Diva is a fun and entertaining book about a girl who is smart, loves to dress up in her mother's clothes, and entertain her friends. What will happen when Dana invites her friends over to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, drink chocolate milk, and play in her sister's make-up? Well, you will have to keep reading in order to find out!

$16.99 including shipping

dino the dog.jpg
Our Dog Dino

Dino is a book about a family dog that everyone loves, but one day Dino goes missing from home. Will the family find Dino? Is Dino gone forever? You will have to keep reading to find out what happens to Dino. 

$16.99 including shipping

Dana the Diva Drawstring Bag​​

Tote around this cute Dana the Diva bag where ever you go. 

$18.99 including shipping

Dana the Diva Doll​​

Bring the adventures of Dana the Diva to life with the Dana the Diva Doll. 


$36.99 including shipping

dana doll book_edited (1).jpg
Dana the Diva Doll & Book​​

The Dana the Diva Book and Doll Combo

$59.50 including shipping