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meet the author


Antoinette Lawrence was born in Norfolk, Virginia, but currently resides in Bowie, Maryland.  She attended Shaw University in North Carolina where she received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She attained her master’s degree in Counseling from North Carolina Central University, and her second master’s degree in Educational Leadership from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Ms. Lawrence is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 


Antoinette Lawrence is an Educator, Mentor teacher, and Clothing Boutique Owner.  Antoinette Lawrence has written and published four children's books. 


Antoinette’s first book, “I Remember,” is a beloved recollection of her childhood.  Her motivation to write children’s books come from her past and present family experiences. 


“My Dad, My Granddad and Me,” her second book is a story about a child who cherishes memories and lifelong lessons that he has learned and shared with his dad and granddad. 


Her third children’s book, “Dana the Diva” is a story about a little girl who enjoys being fancy, dressing up in her mother’s clothes, and spending time with her friends.


Her fourth book, “Our Dog Dino” was published in 2020.  It is about the mysterious disappearance of the family’s dog named Dino.  What happened to Dino? You would have to read to solve the mystery. 


Antoinette has appeared in many school and community events reading her books and promoting literacy.  She enjoys traveling, spending time with family, writing, shopping, and motivating children to read. 

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